10 Ways to Look More Stylish at the Office

Looking Stylish at the office can really boost your self-confidence resulting in an increase in productivity as well as taking pride in your work. We all want to put our best foot forward & enhance respect towards each other within this environment. Our physical appearance is a tool which can be used to achieve this without saying a word. It really is a stepping stone towards success.

Here are 10 Ways to look more Stylish at the Office:

  1. Plan your outfit the night before

Most of us are just shattered at the end of the day but believe me when i say it definitely saves time in the morning. It gives you the opportunity to put together something a little different and allows more time for creativity instead of throwing on the same outfit everyday.

  1. Match your pout to your pumps

This is a fabulous rule to follow for a quick stylish look. Pop on a nude shoe with a nude lip or a red shoe with a red lip. This instantly pulls your look together effortlessly.

  1. Accessories are your best friend

Think of them as not just the icing, but they are the sprinkles on a chocolate cupcake. How much more decadent & delicious is a beautifully decorated cupcake? This is key to pulling off impeccable yet effortless style. Add a sparkly diamond or pearl necklace to a structured shirt. This immediately adds a more feminine element to your ensemble. Remember not to over do the earrings, you don’t want to look like a Christmas Tree! Add a beautiful statement piece to your outfit whether it be a necklace, earrings, shoe or bag.

  1. Add an impressive bag

This will transform your entire look! Consider adding a bag in your signature colour. A pop of Colour can take your outfit from drab to fab in the blink of an eye.

  1. A Smart blazer or Coat

Dress up your trousers, jumpsuit or denims with a smart blazer or coat in a contrasting colour or different textured fabric. If you decide on a print, choose a timeless, classic print.

  1. Add a feminine spin to the Androgynous suit

Add a lace camisole under your blazer.

Trade in your pencil skirt for an asymmetrical wrap skirt.

Ruffles on blouses or jackets add a more feminine look to your office wardrobe. It definitely softens that hard corporate image without taking away the respect factor.

  1. Challenge yourself NOT to wear black

Try this! your outfit will automatically have a more Spring feel to it. If you can’t do white or cream, try substituting grey for black if you still prefer a darker shade. Grey is an update to your neutral pallette. It gives an edge to your wardrobe. If is fabulous paired with Rose gold. Most colour seasons are able to wear a shade of grey.

  1. Metallic shoe

A metallic shoe is a great way to update your wardrobe. It is a great substitute from your standard black pump or heel. It is an extremely versatile colour way which works fabulously in corporate wear as well as denim.

  1. Choose your investment pieces in plain fabrics

This way you have more versatility & wont look like you’ve worn the same blouse 2-3 times that week. Your wardrobe will go so much further. Remember, there is nothing more dated than yesterday’s newspaper and last seasons print. A Print has a short life span, it dates so quickly. Rather update your plain items with accessories.

  1. Go from Day to Date Night in one outfit

I dress like this most days as i just don’t have time to re-change between juggling kids & work. You can always throw in a pair of heels or a clutch to transform your day outfit into your date night outfit.

For more information about style tips and tricks, follow Daniyel Berry from Style Me- http://styleme.co.za/