6 Steps to Rock Retrenchment

During the beginning of 2015, I found myself facing retrenchment in the first company that I entered straight out of University, my first permanent job, which I had been with for two and a half years. The company faced many changes due to a change in the LRA relating to temporary staff which had a huge effect on our management and sales teams and their positions becoming redundant. This blog aims to point out a few helpful hints on how to shake off and rock retrenchment.

1. Tell everyone you know:

Although telling everyone you know may seem embarrassing or counter-intuitive, especially due to the fact that a retrenchment can hit you straight in the stomach and knock down your self-confidence. By telling people about the retrenchment, a lot of relief is experienced and you will no longer feel alone in this daunting situation. You also have more people looking out for suitable positions and spreading the word for you.

2. Review your budget:

Now is the time to be realistic about your budget and start tightening up on all the extras. Put your money towards the necessities only, things like; bond, car repayments, retirement annuity, medical aid, and existing investments. Remember UIF, if you have been contributing towards UIF, you have six months from date of retrenchment to apply for UIF claims. This should help.

3. Job-hunting is a full-time job:

Learn to see job-hunting as a full time job. Do not laze about in bed and lose hope. Wake up refreshed for the day and set time aside to browse the internet. Search local Recruitment Agencies and send your CV to as many of them as you can. This is a good time to really polish up your CV and make it relevant to the jobs that you are applying for. Register and set up interviews with the agencies, this way you will have more eyes looking out for you. Be professional and prompt. Give off good impressions. However, do not rely on any one agency to find the perfect job for you. You need to put in the work and get yourself out there. Be proactive and positive!

4. Be Honest:

This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career and make the changes you have always wanted to. Was your last job the job you have always wanted, is it an industry that you are passionate about? I was in the Financial Services Industry, however, I had studied Marketing and Psychology and had not once considered working within the financial industry. It was an opportunity that I made work and enjoyed my time within the industry. This is the time to make a change and move in the direction that you have always wanted to. What do you have to lose? See this as an opportunity!

5. Embrace:

Be wise about the retrenchment package pay-out. Do not see it as the perfect time to go on a cruise or travel the world. Either make use of the funds to upskill yourself in terms of studies and further your knowledge in a direction that you would like to move towards, career-wise, or if you are successful enough in your job-hunt to secure a job just after your retrenchment, make good use of your money by way of investing.

6. Finally- Get a Recruitment Specialist involved!

You do not know the employment game as well as a recruitment agency that specializes in it does. Get in touch with agencies that have been referred to you. Send through your newly updated and polished CV, as well as a motivational letter. Sharpen up on your interview skills, dress appropriately and be ready to knock the consultants’ socks off in your interviews. Be prepared and be open to take on temporary and contract work whilst seeking permanent employment. By going through an agency, it will make your search for the perfect employer and job that much easier. There are companies out there who need you!

Keep the faith and motivation and you will find that dream job! I did.

– Alyson Scheepers, Recruiter