Paraplanner, Durban


Para – Planner

The Para – Planner will report to the Financial Advisor


The key role of the Para – Plannner is to provide maximum support to the Financial Advisor and to control and maintain all new business and related client administration processes.

Scope of responsibility:


  • Be fully aware of the financial and administrative goals of your department
  • Constantly strive to improve your internal effectiveness and responsibility through improved decision making processes and results
  • Assume a strong awareness to enhance external relationships with clients, providers and the public at large for the company’s value proposition.
  • Constantly improve your specialist authority as a New Business Administrator.


Key Tasks and Responsibilities




  • The regular, professional interaction with prospective or existing clients by telephone, email, correspondence methods using exemplary oral and written communication skills.
  • The procedural adherence to all matters pertaining to the Group’s practice management and compliancy processes in respect of client administration. This includes the FAIS and FICA Acts.



  • Maintaining and enhancing both your personal and the Group’s relationship with all clients, corporate clients and their respective family and business associates.
  • Handle escalations from the administration desk which may include any client grievance or sub – standard administration process that may impact upon the Group’s stated value system and thus affect client relationship.
  • Inform the financial planner of any data, change of data or lifestyle event that has an impact on the clients’ planning process and the company’s relationship with the client.




  • Constant and timeous liaison with your Broker Consultants to update your understanding, knowledge and comparative skills related to all FSP product offerings and solutions.
  • Be constantly aware of all changes of personnel and consultants so that business is always fully aware of our business communication and relationship channels.
  • Combining all of the above to ensure that a direct, transparent and harmonious relationship is maintained with all FSPs inclusive of professional confidentiality and integrity for both clients and our business.
  • Request quotations / solutions for clients and their raised objectives.
  • Request servicing quotes to upgrade any benefit/s as notified by the FSP. Discuss with the  Financial Advisor whether or not an appointment with the client is required in this regard.




  • Provide all necessary documents and forms to the financial planner to commence client activities as a new client or new product solution event.
  • Request from selected FSPs, relevant information and quotations to provide planners with correct product information and comparisons.
  • Record all activities on XPlan with relevant dates, correct information and action relevance per client per case.
  • Embed all data relevant to the client within XPlan to run the specific FNA.



  • Communicate, co-ordinate and assist the Personal Benefits Administrator and Wealth Administrator in any matters pertaining to the client portfolio.
  • Ensure that all documentation is properly recorded, filed or handed over for filing as well as taking a personal interest in the file maintenance process for each client.
  • Liaise, co-ordinate and finalise all new business activities related to referred business from Extegrity with consistent communication.




  • Preparation for all appointments and handovers to the Financial Advisor well before the appointment date.
  • Meet with the Financial Advisor on a daily basis to establish his needs.
  • Ensure that annual review appointments are booked timeously and that the file is updated for the annual review.
  • Assist in the submission and completion of claims.
  • Assist with client queries.
  • Ensure policy schedules are emailed to the identified clients in line with their annual review.
  • Update annual reviews for the following year in XPlan.
  • Follow up with the New Business Administrator on the status of various tasks and provide feedback to the Financial Advisor and / or client.
  • Update the balance sheet in XPlanfor clients in line with their annual review.
  • Insert information in XPlan to run the relevant FNA – client objectives, asset distribution, etc.
  • Attend various FSPs in-house product training.
  • Draft the Client Advise Record (CAR) and present to the Financial Advisor for his overview and signature.
  • Delegate administration tasks to the administrator.
  • Look for new business sales opportunities by upselling products or upgrading benefits.
  • Ensure that the details captured in the clients’ Will documents are correct.
  • When doing switches, ensuring that the Funds chosen are in line with the correct profile of the client and discussing with the advisor on what switches are required.
  • Escalate all activities outside the agreed standards which may become client grievances.


Area: Morningside, Durban

Salary: Negotiable


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