Resume Content and CV Writing


We often get asked about this and I wanted to highlight some key aspects when it comes to CV content and CV writing. I hope you find this helpful!!

Keep your CV simple:

  • Simple means uncomplicated. The aim is to create an easy to read CV that has all of the necessary, relevant information but succinct enough that it delivers the message. Equally important is ensure it is aesthetically pleasing to keep the reader engaged so you can get that “I need to talk to this candidate!” reaction.
  • Look for keywords in the job postings and ask yourself:
    • “Does my CV reflect what the role is looking for?
    • “Am I qualified, skilled and suitably experienced for the role?”
    • By checking yourself and your CV before hitting apply, you will find your job hunting will become more specific and focused.

When it comes to what detail to have on your CV, how much is too much?

  • Always include the most relevant information suited to your industry on your CV.
  • Remember to include numbers, stats, quantitative information to highlight key information and achievements that will not just impress the reader but also showcase your Unique Selling Points.
  • Aim to keep the CV to about 2 full pages however it doesn’t work against you if you have more, just as long as you are keeping the information relevant to the role, sector, industry you are in.

Use a professional font 

  • That word “professional” can be debated and those that are in Graphic Design might find this challenging. If you are in the creative space, you would want to showcase your skills in that are however, for those of us that are not in that space, then I would recommend using font that is more familiar to the profession they’re heading into.
  • For us, Arial, or Times New Roman is better suited to a standard CV.

Use active language

  • Some active words include: Improved, Designed, Established, Generated, Increased and so on…
  • Aim to use more “Achieving” statements over “doing” statements:  For example:
    • A Doing statement like: “Responsible for inventory control and ordering products” Can be changed to: Optimized inventory by monitoring product shortage and ensuring efficient service usage.”
    • A Doing statement like: “Sold products and bring revenue” Can be changed to: “I increased profit margins by creating effective sales plans and implementing strategies to solidify client retention.

So, just by applying some creative writing skills, you can make your CV look and sound next level professional.

Remember, if writing isn’t your strongest skill, don’t be afraid to ask for help just remember, your CV needs to reflect an honest view of YOUR capabilities, strengths and qualities – not someone else’s!