A special note to all our valued clients:

Ten Ways in Which Temps Can Make Your Life Easier This Festive Season

  • Answering phones while your staff are on Christmas lunch
  • Office temps while your admin staff take annual leave
  • Filing clerks to help with your year-end office clean up
  • Data capturers to clean up your company database
  • A handy temp to purchase Christmas gifts or run errands
  • Wrapping year end gifts or writing Christmas invitations
  • Delivering your year-end calendars and gifts to your clients
  • Accounts temps to help your accounts department if your company has a December year-end
  • In store promoters or retail temps
  • Drivers to transport merry party goers this festive season

It is false economy to feel you should do everything on your to do list. There are some things that should just be delegated to others.

At Pro Appointments, we understand the value of your time and we have pre-screened temps who are available and willing to help you during the festive season.