Here’s to the women I know

I love August. It is womens’ month after all! I enjoy participating in the many events that celebrate women and the successes they have made. To be honest, I don’t believe womens’ month is about womens’ struggle for freedom from oppression by men but rather a celebration of the uniqueness of women and the gift they are to society. Women’s month is NOT about elevating women at the expense of men or about putting men down. Men are wonderful. We love them and we need them.

Maybe I am biased but I am blessed to say that the women I spend the majority of my time with are awesome in so many respects.

In the business space, the women I know are generous to a fault, always supporting and uplifting each other, giving encouragement, support and time to others who need it. Women are natural collaborators and I love seeing the sharing and excitement at the many network events I attend as well as the relationships that develop behind the scenes.

Women are natural nurturers and we are drawn to social causes and people in need, always offering something of themselves to the less fortunate. Through my charity, The Robin Hood Foundation, I am always surrounded by caring women (and some awesome men!!) offering their time, their cars, their energy and themselves for any task that needs to be done in order to ensure the successful completion of a project.

The women I call friends are giving and caring, always offering to give a lift, help with the kids and offer a smile and a laugh. They are all frightfully busy, juggling many balls at once with seemingly effortless ease. This is not due to super human powers but just due to resilience, strength of character and amazing spirits.

The women I know are funny, able to laugh at themselves and their circumstances, finding the humour in the most stressful of situations. They are prepared to be vulnerable and are willing to show their weaknesses and foibles, thereby allowing others to be vulnerable.

This womens’ month, take a moment to celebrate the women who impact your life. So happy womens’ month to all the awesome women out there!

By: Cindy Norcott