How to stop the Cycle

So many people find themselves on a rollercoaster they can’t get off. Stuck in unfulfilling, life sapping jobs. I was one of those people and I managed to break the destructive cycle and change my job search patterns to find a fulfilling, jump-out-of-bed on Monday career.

Most people who are in an unhappy work environment spend some of their work time and after hours continuously trolling for new opportunities to get out of their current situation and to see what other opportunities are out there. They then apply to as many roles as they can that look acceptable (or at least what they think will be an improvement from what they are currently doing). You apply for the average jobs that excite you no more than your current job does, and then you get hired! Congrats, I think. Its not perfect but hopefully it will be an improvement.

Things start off alright; training, new people, new routines and then the honeymoon phase wears off, and then you are back to square one. A few months pass and you are as miserable and unfulfilled as you were before. And so, the cycle begins again……

What can you do differently to get off this rollercoaster that’s starting to feel more like a train wreck? Your goal does not change, you are wanting to find a fulfilling, inspiring and meaningful career.

First, I want you to pause all the job applications for a while. Do some personal discovery of who you are and what drives you. Some ways to do this are personality tests that are readily available online (there are many free options) or through a professional who can help you analyze your strengths and motivators.

Another way is to look back on happier times – what made you happy and what did you find filled your work love bucket. For me it is being a part of an organization that actively gives back to the community, a busy environment where you can get stuck in and add value to a team.

From there you need to be more intentional about what you want and what posts you will apply for. What I mean by this is if you really want to get into an industry you may need to enroll in a few courses to gain the skills required for these positions or you may need to start in a lower-paying position.

Once you know exactly which path you want to follow, brand yourself (your CV) to highlight your skills in the industry/ area. This will improve the possibility of you getting invited for an interview. You also need to be very disciplined and only apply to companies and positions that match your goals and really excite you.

Once you land your dream job you will realize how easy it is to be motivated, to give your 110% without feeling depleted. You will finally get to feel energized and fulfilled. You will feel like you are making a very meaningful contribution and won’t feel the need to search for new opportunities. Best of luck on your journey and be selectively intentional 😊