Interview Preparation & Guidance – A 10-Point Checklist!

So… you’ve submitted your application for the ideal job, either directly or through your Recruitment Consultant. You’ve waited patiently for feedback… an update… acknowledgement… something at least!!

Heaven knows you’ve been waiting patiently and (admittedly!) anxiously since applying!

And there it is… ping!

The email comes through (…albeit somewhat casually I might add!) inviting you for an interview to meet and “discuss the opportunity further”. 🙂


But now what you do… just chill, wait till you get there, wing it and hope for the best, right? Wrong!!

Preparation! Preparation! Preparation! And, let me tell you, there is no time like right now…

To help you with this, we’ve put together a quick 10-Point checklist for you to go through to help you Prepare to Win!

  1. Know What You Applied For
    • Fully understand the job description
    • Ask yourself, “Do I meet the requirements?” “Am I able to do the job?”
    • If you don’t know something on the job spec, can I research more about it to hold a conversation about it?
  2. Know Your Story
    • Your CV is your life story, learn how to tell it well, convincingly and confidently!
    • And carry a copy of your most recently updated CV (if not 2!)
  3. Expect the Unexpected
    • An “interview” doesn’t have to be in the boardroom, it can be as quick or as informal, don’t be offended or alarmed if you’re asked to sit at the patio outside or on a beanbag! Be completely open-minded.
    • Be prepared for an assessment related to the job
    • Remain confident and excited when the interview turns into a panel! (that’s sometimes a good sign though!)
  4. Get Your Directions Right!
    • Map your journey out a day in advance, learn the route, if you’re using public transport know how long it will take before
    • I’ve known people to ‘case the joint’ (visit the office) a day in advance just to make sure they know where it is and how to get there!
  5. Research the Company and Interviewer
    • Have you done your homework on the company?
    • This question is inevitable – “What do you know about the company?”
    • Have you checked out the interviewer on LinkedIn – (some may say it’s appropriate but I don’t think so!)
    • Find pieces of info on the company and interview to help you make the conversation flow and build rapport
  6. Understand the Package Offered
    • Find out as much as you can about what’s offered – it can seem unprofessional when you start asking unprepared questions during the interview
    • Understand your expectation and know you are looking for.
  7. What is CTC?
    • Are you aware that this is total cost in salary the company has in budget inclusive of any benefits?
    • Consider your own expectations and salary requirements to see if this opportunity will be suitable
  8. First Impressions
    • You’re at the office – who do you reserve first impressions for? ..the interviewer or the lady at front desk? Both! Your interview starts the moment you stepped into the office!
    • Be friendly, smile and greet people at the front desk
    • Accept a drink if offered
    • Get to learn something about the company from the ‘front of house’ folk!
  9. Body Language.
    • Be mindful of your micro-expressions and remember, 70% of communication is body language:
    • Don’t offer a limp handshake, slouch or be seen chewing on your fingers!
    • Maintain eye contact, keep your shoulders upright and look confident!
    • During the interview, sit up at the table – lean forward – arms and hands on the table in full view – and never crossed!
    • Smile – but not in a creepy way!
  10. Answering and Asking questions.
    • Answer confidently and illustrate with examples using the S.T.A.R method:
      • Situation – Task – Action – Result
    • Always maintain eye contact!
    • When asked – “do you have any questions?” – aim for questions about the company, about the interviewer, about the role itself – and as about the “day in the life of the role” itself.

Follow this checklist, we believe it’s a trusted formula!

Ultimately, your goal is to walk away from the interview feeling like it was a conversation – and the other person felt comfortable as much you!

Aim to leave them with the feeling that they want to work with you!