Making your IT Skills Standout

We all know that in this day and age, finding a job can be challenging, and although IT is seen as a scare skill in some areas, finding that perfect opportunity in the IT field can still be just as challenging. So how does one set themselves apart to secure that dream job? How does one make themselves that IT Engineer or Developer that big names are fighting to hire?

Ever look at templates on the internet when putting your CV together, see a section that has achievements, and think to yourself, well, I’ll just leave that part out? Don’t.
Achievements don’t have to be awards or a fancy recognition. Achievements can be leading a project or a time where your boss has asked you to take on responsibilities above and beyond the call of duty leading to a moment of pride. Simply put, they can be times that you’ve gone that extra mile.
Achievements can even come down to personal skill, which brings us to our next point.

Self Development:
Never stop learning!
When you made the decision to join the IT field, you made the commitment to never stop learning. Technology changes in the blink of an eye. In our generation today we are so exposed to tools we can use to learn and if you’re not utilising them, you’ll be left behind. When was the last time you logged onto YouTube to watch an educational video? Set yourself apart and don’t just learn the bare minimum in a position, find new ways of doing things, learn new skills and add them to your CV.

CV Structure and Presentation:
As a recruiter, nothing stands out to us more than a CV that’s presented well. We go through so many on a daily basis that we’re actually surprised when we come across a CV that’s got a different font and has spacing that is neat and tidy. Skills sections to us are so important- make sure that the person reading your CV can’t miss your technical skills and the exact specifics of what makes you awesome at your job!

We have seen our clients settle for the bare minimum just because the skill set that they are desperately seeking, hasn’t been out there…make sure you’re on the top of the CV pile.