Time Management Skills

On Tuesday 16/9 pro Appointments held a seminar on Time Management Skills. Cindy Norcott, who in my opinion is the definition of a multitasker, was the speaker. I took away some interesting tips that I thought I would share:

Work-Life Balance. We all have tasks to perform at work, are the tasks you are doing taking you closer to your goal or further away from your goal? Are you working more than 45hours a week and possibly neglecting the 12 most important people in your life? When you are present at a function or at the dinner table, are you fully there or are you partially there due to your mind still being “at work”? Life is so fast paced now a days that even though we are present in the physical we are so easily absent mentally. Stop! Take a deep breath. Live for the now.

Preparation. Prepare for the next day the night before. Write To-Do lists. So much time is wasted thinking about what it is that you need to do or were supposed to do. Plan, Plan, Plan. Make sure you are always early for meetings. Take something constructive with you. Do not waste the time that you have in-between meetings.

To me no one can do the task as well or as fast as I can. If this is your mentality too then we are both wrong. Other people often surprise us by doing things far better and often in a more innovative way than we would. Give them a chance to utilize their strengths. Work in YOUR Strength and skill to stay happy!

Written by: Danielle How