Tips for a Successful Interview

by Amanda Onamandla Mkhwanazi – Mathe
Journalist, Online writer and Social Media Blogger

1) Be early even if it’s 20 minutes before the interview. Why? Because you never know what may happen on the road ie traffic or you could get lost going to the offices. It also indicates to the prospective employer that you are punctual and considerate of their time.

2) Always speak honestly whether it’s a positive or a negative. The person interviewing you doesn’t want to hear about the negative stuff. They want to hear how you managed to take the negative and make it good.

3) Ask questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question. I learnt this the hard way, because sometimes just believing it will happen, or just assuming something is clear doesn’t help anybody on both sides.

4) Read your job profile and requirements properly, so that you know what it is you can do, what they can help to do and what you are able to achieve.