Toxic Environment

I often hear candidates say that their reason for wanting to leave their current Employer is a toxic work environment in the form of either an unreasonable or difficult boss, problematic co-worker, or offensive company policies. The question we need to ask ourselves is, how can we change our mindset to be able to be productive and happy in this type of environment?

Tips to cope in a “toxic” work environment:

  1. Have a strong and determined mindset, be focused and work towards your goals every day, be intentional
  2. Always remain calm in every situation and take time to think about your response before responding
  3. Practice patience and endurance
  4. Know your purpose and remind yourself of this every day
  5. Establish realistic boundaries. While it is hard to set boundaries and say no, it is critical to do so when necessary
  6. Create a positive workspace for yourself
  7. Don’t take negativity home with you, make a conscious decision to leave work stress at work
  8. Avoid drama, often we get involved or participate in unnecessary drama. We need to remind ourselves why we go to work everyday and what our personal and professional goals are
  9. Stay true to yourself, do your best to be positive and give off your best each day
  10. Look for the good in everything around you, look for the lesson as every environment teaches you something and is valuable in some way
  11. Count your blessings everyday, you will realise how much you must be grateful for
  12. Don’t quit if you really don’t have to, you may deny yourself the opportunity to learn or achieve
  13. Exercise, read and do the things you enjoy after working hours to manage stress and create a balanced life
  14. Speak to a “High Achiever” outside work for advice and positivity
  15. Be determined to “not take things too personally”
  16. Communicate effectively when necessary to clear up misunderstandings
  17. Understand that there is no “perfect” Company
  18. Be kinder than necessary and everyone around you is going through their own struggle which you may know nothing about