Video Interviews

Video interviews can be daunting, but it is the new normal, so we must embrace this change and ensure that we make the most of the opportunity.

Here are a few tips to assist you to have a successful video interview:

  • Make sure you have good internet connection and have downloaded the platform that will be used for the interview (zoom/skype/MS Teams etc.)
  • Ensure that you understand the login details and test the link prior to the interview
  • Ensure that your battery is charged prior to the interview
  • Join the meeting atleast 10 minutes before the interview
  • Do a trial run if possible or practice with a friend to be prepared and familiarise yourself with the technology
  • Ensure that your camera is of good quality and functions properly, also test the volume on the device that you will be using
  • Choose a venue/room that is not cluttered or too personal
  • Choose a neutral background to avoid distraction
  • Ensure that there is no background noise
  • The venue must be well lit
  • Position your device so that it is not too close to your face, the interviewer should be able to have a head and shoulders view of you
  • Ensure that you are well dressed for the interview
  • Prepare for the interview as you would a physical interview
  • Maintain eye contact and be confident when answering
  • Maintain good posture and energy levels
  • Smile when possible
  • End with gratitude, thank the interviewer for their time and express that you look forward to hearing from them soon

Technical issues before an interview can be very unnerving and set the tone for the interview. An interview is an opportunity for you to create the best first impression of yourself, so it is vitally important to be well prepared. The above tips will help to prevent these issues and allow for an interrupted video interview.