Why companies don’t hire the right people

Why companies don’t hire the right people – from a recruiter’s point of view

I have been a recruiter for 23 years and I thought I would share with you some common issues that I have been witness to that can result in a company not hiring the right people.

When some employers give me a job order, they are often too busy to describe the role, the job description and their minimum requirements yet their expectation is that I should spend several hours searching for their candidate. If employers go through an agency, they need to give as much detail as possible to avoid the recruiter sending them the wrong people. The more time they invest in describing the job spec and the people spec, the more likelihood there will be that they will find the right person.
Some employers do not have accurate job descriptions, working on the assumptions of what they think their staff does in a day. It makes sense to check job descriptions every time you take on a new staff member.

Many roles evolve over time. Committed employees will always grow their roles and welcome extra responsibilities. If somebody leaves your company, ask the departing staff member to go through their original job description and to confirm which duties have been added, removed or changed.

Some clients conduct a quick, judgmental 5 minute interview. My advice is to rather spend at least 20 minutes meeting a candidate and getting to know them, rather than making a quick snap judgement based on first appearances. Have clearly thought out questions that bring out insights into the candidate’s character. Let the candidate talk.

Some employers believe that the candidate must sell themselves but they do not believe in selling the benefits of the company. The top talent are looking for the “best companies to work for”. Do you have reasons why a great candidate should leave their current employment to work for your company? In this war for talent, to ensure you attract and retain the right people, make sure that your company has some attractive reasons for people to want to work for you. Remember, every interview is a public relations opportunity.

Many employers are operating from the mindset that jobs are scarce and that there are so many unemployed people looking for jobs, thereby assuming they can pay low salaries. The job market always operates on the principle of “If you pay peanuts you will get monkeys”. I believe that there are no bargains in the job market. You get what you pay for. My advice to employers is to benchmark and find out what people are being paid in other companies and then offer a market related salary that will attract and retain the right people.

People aren’t your greatest asset – the right people are. I hope these tips help you to recruit the best people to help you grow your business!